Nixcer Professional Scissors

For stylists seeking unparalleled precision and control, look no further than our premium selection of professional hair cutting shears. Unlike standard scissors, professional shears boast exceptional sharpness and ergonomic designs, ensuring a comfortable cutting experience and flawless results.

Our professional scissors crafted from high-grade Japanese steel, renowned for its long-lasting sharpness that glides effortlessly through hair. Experience the difference with meticulously balanced shears designed for optimal control and maneuverability, allowing you to execute even the most intricate cuts with confidence. Available in six colors:


Invest in professional scissors that prioritize your well-being. Offset handles reduce strain on your wrist and hand, promoting tireless cutting sessions. Whether you’re a seasoned stylist or a budding barber, we offer a variety of shears to suit your needs and cutting techniques.

Our professional hair cutting shears are perfect for blunt cuts and precise shaping. They are ideal for removing bulk and creating texture, also these Nixcer shears feature teeth that delicately remove hair strands and offer a more relaxed cutting position. These offset shears promote comfort and reduce wrist strain.

We offer a curated selection of professional scissors for beginners. These high-quality shears provide a stepping stone into the world of professional cutting, allowing you to hone your skills without compromising on performance.

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